Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Presidential Playlist

Election day has passed and America has spoken and it has chosen- President Obama will have four more years in the White House.  So with that said, I decided to observe all the finer details of the ensuing festivities following the re-election of President Obama and couldn't help but notice the musical selection being played before his address.

His supporters were given a nice dose of classic Motown tunes mixed with a few traditional soul celebration jams - very fitting for president who doesn't hide the fact he's black and even has a pretty cool walk to go with his swagg.  But in listening to the chosen soundtrack, I couldn't help but wonder what things would have been like had I been the First DJ for the re-election celebration.  I think my presidential play list would have been more like this:

Fat Joe - Lean Back

LL Cool J - Momma said knock you out

Swiss Beats - It's me

Jay Z - On to the Next One

Nelly - Air Force One

P. Diddy - Bad Boy For Life

And finally, the official "walking out" music... 

Biggie - Juicy 

Congrats to President Obama.  It was a challenging road to re-election, but the country made it clear who it want's leading this nation for four more years.  As for Governor Romney, not much I can can say except, there is no way in the hell I would have used this soundtrack for you had you won.  I have no idea what your theme music would have been - crickets maybe???

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