Monday, October 15, 2012

Second Look: The Tall Man

In the small town of Cold Rock life is slow and the local residents don't have much going for them with the local mining industry dead and the closest schools over 40 miles away. Kids have no hope for a secure financial future and no elementary and high schools to attend. To make matters worse, children throughout the town have been going missing for years. The locals have attributed these abductions to “The Tall Man” and seem to be at his mercy as there is no methodology to his approach.

Julia Denning (Biel), a recent widow of the town's most respected doctor, finds herself in the middle of an abduction while spending the evening with a friend. After putting her all into chasing a tall shadowy figure into the woods, she is forced to face the truth about “The Tall Man.” With her new reality now unfolding, Julia works diligently to make things right before it's too late.

The Tall Man features several plot twists that will have you scratching your head. Throughout this movie, I found myself forming my own conclusions regarding the true identity of “The Tall Man” as well as his motives, only to be proven wrong each time. As the credits rolled, I only had one thought regarding the impression the movie had on me – clever. This movie is among the most exceptional Second Looks I've experienced on Netflix and possibly one of the best movies in the Netflix library to date.

If you enjoy suspense thrillers with unique plot twists you should have no problem digesting this film. Visually, the movie will draw you in with the majority of the key scenes taking place at night. There are several interior and woods scenes that lend a dark and dank atmosphere to the movie that forces you to question whether “The Tall Man” is a supernatural being or a mortal man. The town of Cold Rock and it's residents also provide a bleak backdrop for a movie that will leave you and your movie date discussing the final outcome after the final reveal.

Que up The Tall Man! It's worth its weight in Netflix monthly fees.


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