Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NBA 2K13 to feature Dream Team Matchup - No Joke!

Dream Teams Collide in NBA 2K13 - IGN
2K Sports either read my mind or they faithfully follow www.SteveandJ.TV!  Either way, I am looking forward to the opportunity to finally play out a fantasy that has been debated in basketball since 1992.

In an IGN article published today, 2K Sports revealed that for the first time ever gamers will be able to match up the 1992 Men's Olympic basketball team with the most recent 2012 team for an all out shoot out for bragging rights.  Before I go any further I am a bit bummed that Scottie Pippen is not included on the 1992 roster, but who knows what may happen in the next few weeks or in a future roster update.  Also, I'm thrilled that Charles Barkley was inked to appear.

True video game and basketball fans will recall the movement in the early 90s when superstar athletes all wanted to secure their own likenesses in digital mediums, resulting in "roster " players with similar attributes but no official names - in some cases even that wasn't allowed.  Among the athletes that secured their likenesses were MJ, Scottie and Sir Charles.  Fast forward a few years, make a few ink pen strokes and it is officially game time!

As a fan of great basketball simulation games, I'm anxious to see what NBA 2K13 has to offer.  Will we see additional international and Olympic teams from the past 20 years.  I would love to play as Australia during the Shane Heal era!  I am also curious to see if 2K will expand their historical rosters to include more obscure teams like the '98 Minnesota Timberwolves or the mid-90s Mavericks with Mash, Jimmy Jackson and J. Kidd.

It seems 2K has put together a winning recipe - lets just hope the game tastes good when we all power up our gaming rigs this Fall.

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