Monday, August 13, 2012

The Line Has Been Crossed: Thanks Ragu

There was once a time when television focused on family values and offenses such as profanity, adult situations and violence were heavily scrutinized. Fast forward to 2012 and I think I have officially seen it all in television. Over the years the FCC has been punked which has resulted in questionable antics in everything from Superbowl commercials to ESPN documentaries on hot-headed basketball coaches.
Well, I just when I thought I had seen it all, I was blind-sided today while watching Attack of the Show on G4 – my absolute favorite show on earth.

Last week while watching the Olympic games, I caught the tail end of a Ragu commercial with a rather catchy jingle and fluffy cheeked kid eating a hearty spaghetti dinner with his parents. Because I was preoccupied, I totally missed the first few seconds of the commercial and only observed the boy walking with what appeared to be a text book under his arm. Therefore, I simply assumed he had a tough day at school and food was his reward. Considering his husky appearance, this visual was just as troubling as the rest of the commercial.

Thanks to the Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood, which by the way are neck and neck for my unofficial white chicks with sexiest legs on TV contest, I was able to see a replay of the commercial. The moment I saw the opening camera move, I knew exactly where the commercial was going and sat on the edge of my couch waiting for the entire scene to unfold.

Within seconds, I was rolling on the floor like a geeked up middle schooler on the front end of a sugar rush. Honestly, I don't have any critical analysis of Ragu's new commercial. In fact, I have to tip my hat to the staff member who either fought tooth and nail to convince their boss the commercial would fly or give a high five to the staffer who doesn't give a #@$&! Either way, I want my next job to be in the Ragu marketing department. And as far as the FCC is concerned, the world is about to end thanks to the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta apocalypse anyway so you might as well loosen the ties and let the country go out with a smile.

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