Thursday, September 20, 2012

Obama Rap Parody by Iman Crosson - Review

I'm not sure how I missed this video the first time it made it's circuit on the internet, but thanks to a good friend, I saw it for the first time and am still catching my breath.  This parody is so funny, it earned my respect and I couldn't reach my keyboard fast enough to start this blog post.

So, it's not a secret that I have a unique sense of humor.  In most cases, I don't miss much in the way of punchlines or clever wordplay and my responses typically range from laugh out loud to silence.  I'm not sure which response I associate with comedy I found flat out hysterical but upon watching Iman Crosson's YouTube video, released in 2011, President Obama on Death of Osama bin Laden (spoof), I can truly say this clever song had my insides erupting - in a good, stank-free way.

Although, I can't subscribe to the notion that Iman looks just like President Obama, he clearly has the features to portray him in parody effectively.  As a bit of an amateur impressionist myself, I can also appreciate the attention to given to the President's mannerisms and voice inflections.  However, in this parody video, it's the dope hip-hop track fused with clever lyrics that steal the show.

The instrumental could easily be assigned to a Rick Ross single as it has the huge epic sound that eardrums simply can't resist, but again, it's the lyrical content that simply wins.  Normally I don't follow along with karaoke-style captions and prefer to focus on what I hear - not in this case.  From the moment the beat dropped I knew I was in for a treat and as soon as the text appeared, I was pulled in with the goal of examining every word.

If you want a great laugh and a family-friendly video you can share with all of your co-workers and church members; feel free!  The video is void of profanity, sexual innuendo and inappropriate references, which explains why it has nearly 8 million views.


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