Sunday, January 1, 2017

R.I.P. 2016 (2016 - 2016)

I got something to tell y'all.
You won't believe me,
But I killed 2016 last night!

That's right!
I shot it dead!
One in its head, One in its heart!
I tore its fucking days apart!
I killed 2016 last night!

And I knew that was it
Cause when it came in my room it had a grin.
And on its neck and its face,
Was white and black and yellow and brown and red skin.
It had a bad white suit, it offered me a fruit,
And its pockets was bulging with a lot of loot.
I told it, 'I've been looking for you!'
I swear to God y'all
All this is true,
I killed 2016 last night!

I shot it cold blooded
It looked at me, its eyes flooded
It's gone y'all,
2016 no longer exists!
I know my failures are pissed!
Now we can get along and everything should be cool
All the missteps are all confused, 
They don't know what to do,
Cause I killed 2016 last night!

I did it for Marcus!
I did it for Malcolm, Martin and Marvin!
I did it for all God's sons!
And His daughters!
I'm the author,
I killed 2016 last night!

I was never scared of its punk ass anyways.
I'm from the South! Georgia born and Georgia raised!
I shot it cause it's a hater,
This morning, I woke up and knocked on the door of my neighbors.
And I told'em I killed 2016 last night!

Tell the press, the F.B.I. and the cops, 
Oh yeah, 2016's right up stairs in my room on the floor shot!
Tell those christians and those sinners they can go to heaven!
I used my weapon.
 It's gone for good.
I'm just tryna clean up my neighborhood.
I killed 2016 last night!

Dragged 2016 by its horns,
My thoughts are nuclear, 
My mind is an atomic bomb.
I am the Bible covered by the Quran.
Kill '16, Yeah I did it, I'll admit it!
It was nothing,
it was frontin'.
2016 has no power except what we give it, ourselves.
And ourselves we devour, again it has no powers.
I did it and you could too!
Just look for it,
Don't run from it, just do like I do!
Stare it in its face, 
Face to face,
Let's go!
Toe to toe!
Blow for blow!
You can't hurt me no more!
The Old, you gots to go!
Get out old 2016!

I'm almighty the king, 
The author of light,
The warrior with wings, 
Bearer of the cross and the light,
The rock, the faith, the judge of the living and dead!
Man from heaven, 
Over hell I tread!
My angels sing!
Last night I killed 2016!

No lie, it don't exists no more!
So you do whatever you want!
You can achieve any goal you want!
You'll get that brand new car!
You can go into the ether zones!
You can beam yourself up! 
2016 is gone.
I killed it.

Disclaimer: Steve is an employee of Turner Broadcasting, a division of Time Warner, however the views expressed in this post are of my own.

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